Our Goal

Discover music and share with a community of open-minded listeners who also love discovering and sharing.

person in headphones

The people

We started KRGB in 2019 as a small group of friends who love discovering and sharing music. We are an inclusive group who welcomes anyone interested and willing to put some work into helping us keep this thing going.

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The music

KRGB is commercial-free and listener supported. We focus on independent, eclectic music that you won't hear on mainstream radio.

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Join us...

What can you do? Social media, illustration, design, project management, programming, music, voice talent, playlist-making on Spotify? All these skills can help us run this beast of a passion project. Reach out via the form below!

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Rather throw money at it?

We get it, you're a delegator. We need you too. Visit our Patreon page to establish yourself as another co-founder of KRGB. No amount is too small, we are grateful for any support.



Music played during general station identification breaks may belong to A. A. Alto, Makaih Beats, or Eric G. The icons used on this page courtesy icons8.


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