Schedule update

When we started KRGB, we knew what we wanted in terms of a sound for the station, but the music we had ready to play didn’t reflect this. What we did have was great focus music. So we started off playing that while we poured our attention into getting our new DJs and their shows ramped up. The show Out Of Focus was what you heard when a specialty show wasn’t on. This worked out really well. We enjoyed it ourselves.

Now that the station has had a little more airtime, our DJs have been producing shows, our library has been growing, and we are starting to build that sound that we had in mind. Indie eclectic variety is probably the best way to put it. Last week our Music Director, Inky #00FFFF, looked at what we had built up and decided it was time to remove Out Of Focus from the primary position of what’s on in-between shows, and replace it with something new. We are proud to announce that Night School is now our primary playlist. It is a curated buffet of the best tracks from all our DJs. Inky adds to it every week, so it’s always changing with new releases of every genre.

Thank you for listening and your continued support. We hope you get many hours of head bobbing, finger tapping, and the occasional spontaneous living room dance floor out of this new format. And don’t forget, tell your friends!