KRGB is listener supported

We don’t play ads and never will

When we set out to create KRGB, we knew one thing for certain: absolutely no ads would ever be played. Commercial radio is a nuisance. Overplayed, idiotic music sandwiched between obnoxious, mind-polluting advertisements. We want our station to be something that is pleasant to listen to without any compromises.

New DJs welcome

We also wanted to open our doors to any amateur DJs who have the same ideals about the music they hear and play. So long as they can produce one show a week, we don’t care how polished their DJ voices are, or if they even use them. We just want great tunes, and our virtual format means anyone anywhere can share in the fun. The more DJs we ad, the better our programming, but this also increases the demand for our management’s time.

Plans for world domination

Okay, nothing sinister here. Currently we are only broadcasting to the United States. This is because licensing gets complicated and more expensive when you go beyond our home country’s borders. We absolutely want to extend our signal to all corners of the world, but this is a long-term goal. It will require legal support and help creating monthly reports. We already put time and money into licensing for the US, and this will increase if we extend our signal.

What we need

We are pretty light on our feet in terms of overhead. So far we have funded everything ourselves, but that won’t be sustainable as our listener-base grows, our licensing costs increase, and our day-to-day support needs do as well. Basically, the better we do, the more financial support we need. Most radio stations handle this by selling advertising. For us, it’s listener support or bust.

One small, monthly donation through Patreon will make all the difference. $1? Fantastic. $2? Even better. Want to be more than a friend? Donate $3. Want your name to go down in the list of people we will always remember as virtual co-founders of the station? Donate $10.

One more thing, in addition to not playing ads, we also don’t do any pledge drives, where the station basically turns into one long sales pitch for a week. We don’t mean to be disrespectful to any radio or tv stations that do this. We still think this is better than running traditional ads and believe that they probably don’t have any choice. We just set our station up in a format that means our operating costs are low enough we don’t need to do this. Really, your small monthly support through Patreon is all we need. Crowd-funding is a beautiful thing.


If you’re unfamiliar with Patreon, it’s basically a simple way to gather monthly donations.